Testo Portable Emission Analyzers

Testo's Portable Emission Analyzers set a new standard in emission testing and combustion analysis. The testo 327-1 is your introductory instrument to flue gas analysis. It measures combustion efficiency, °C, °F, O2, CO2, CO and flue draft. The 330-2G LL combustion analyzer with a high-definition graphic display offers combustion analysis in colorful charts and graphics for faster and easier troubleshooting. The 340 is the ideal four-gas industrial combustion analyzer to confirm proper set-up and to identify emission problems, as it simultaneously measures exhaust gas and flow velocity. The all new 350 portable emission analyzer has ultra-rugged construction, a simple intuitive operation and innovative measurement technology.


testo.350.analyzertesto 350 Portable Emission Analyzer

Compliance testing and combustion troubleshooting is now easier when you use the new testo 350. This new portable emission analyzer provides the highest accuracy, ultra-rugged construction, easy operation and innovations in measurement technology to set a new standard in portable analyzers. The new  testo 350 control unit is small in size, but big in capability. The testo 350 is now availble with easyREPORT™ software. The most powerful combination for emission testing.


Analyzer Box

testo.350.analyzerAs soon as you pick up the  testo 350 analyzer box, you will know it is rugged, but you will be surprised at its light weight. Don't let that weight fool you however. It is packed with the latest in measurement technology. The analyzer box contains the sensors, pumps, electronics and of course testo's analyzer know-how.

• Up to six sensors can be installed and additional parameters can be swapped out in seconds.

• Integrated circuitry for a better response, easier calibrations and unmatched versatility.

• Sensor interference filters and smart diagnostics assure sensor accuracy, increased sensor life, and quick replacement.

• Advanced continuous temperature compensation eliminates drift due to changing ambient conditions.

• Automatic or user-defined dilution systems dramatically increase testing range and accuracy.

• Individual sensor temperature monitoring and temperature compensation

• Increased thermal stability due to new housing design and insulating sensors from heat and electronics.

• Gas paths built with non-reactive materials necessary for the highest level of accuracy.

• Patented high velocity sample lines increases response time and maintains sample integrity.

• Sample conditioning utilizing thermoelectric cooling to remove moisture and provide a dry sample resulting in a better measurement and is required by most testing protocols.


Control Unit

testo.350.control• Easy to read measurements, whether you are standing at the control panel or sitting in your truck.

• Control the analyzer box via Bluetooth up to 300 feet away or hard-wired up to 1000's of feet away.

• Store your data until it is convenient for download.

• Realize the power of real time graphics on the 350's brilliant HD color display.

• Measurements of velocity and flow, and the calculation of ton/year or lbs/hr, are performed with ease.

• Increase accuracy by eliminating long sample lines, long response times, and the higher potential for sample absorption.

• When complete, click control unit face down for protection during transport.


The new testo 350 represents the latest in portable emission analyzer technology. Improvements to the previous model were based primarily upon user feedback. Using your input we re-designed the new 350 with many service friendly features for longer up-time in the field and lower cost of ownership.

Testing & Applications

Knowing what you need and what to expect before you begin emission testing can challenge even the most experienced professional. Now, the new testo 350 emission analyzer removes all the guess work. Select the appropriate testing icon and the analyzer will set-up the measurement parameters that you need, as well as set up the dilution system as necessary. The testo 350 emission analyzer makes testing easier in just five simple steps:

1) Select application
2) Then select the fuel
3) Next, select test type
4) Start your pump and begin testing
5) Quickly change to the graphic screen for trending and analysis

Better engine testing
Rich-burn engine exhaust, when uncontrolled, can have wide concentration ranges and both CO and NOX can fluctuate significantly. The on-board CO dilution system will automatically set-up for optimum testing, perfect for a rich burn engine. Lean-burn engines have different exhaust characteristics, but NO2 can make up a significant portion of the total NOX measurement. The 350 measures both NO and NO2 for proper lean-burn engine set-up.

Better boiler and burner tuning
Industrial boilers and burners have their own unique characteristics. When an unexpectedly high CO is detected, the testo 350 will automatically adjust to the situation, keeping the sensor protected at all times.

Better turbine testing
High horsepower but low emissions are typical of the turbines and as a result, you need an analyzer that is especially equipped to handle low thresholds and still deliver the highest accuracy. The low NOX and low CO sensors are ideal for the accuracy today's turbines demand.

Better industrial processes testing
Combustion analyses in industrial processes vary widely. O2 and CO measurements are critical for proper combustion; NOX or SO2 measurements are important for today's pollution control devices. The testo 350's dilution system provides the protection and accuracy to continue working.

Better combustion testing and tuning
Sometimes a single sample location is just not enough for an optimum measurement. Sometimes you need information before the catalyst, or maybe more data to help you design or troubleshoot a system. Whatever the requirement, the unique multi-unit capability provides unlimited testing configurations. Connect multiple analyzer boxes (up to 16 total) through the testo BUS to better understand your process.


Emission Sampling Probes for Every Application

Transporting flue or exhaust gases to the analyzer is not always easy. Issues such as sample reactivity, extreme temperatures, various stack dimensions and difficult access all go in to determining the type of probe required. Testo's wide variety of probe and hose assemblies, coupled with rugged locking connecters, fulfill any testing scenario.

Probe Specifications:
Standard stainless steel probes are available in 13 inch or 28 inch lengths, with thermocouples. Probe shafts are available in stainless steel for temperatures to 1112°F and for temperatures to 1832°F.

Standard gas sampling probe
Standard flue gas probes, available in two lengths, incl. probe stop, sintered filter options.
• Material probe shaft stainless steel Tmax 932°F - 1832°F
• Hose length: Standard 7 ft.; Teflon lined
• Nine foot hose extensions for lengths up to 50 feet.


Engine probe
• Material probe shaft stainless steel Tmax 1832°F
• Hose length: Standard 7 ft.; Teflon lined
• Nine foot hose extensions for lengths up to 50 feet
• Thermocouple and sintered filter kits available


Industrial gas sampling probes
The industrial sampling probes are specifically designed for the rigors of industrial stack gas sampling. The industrial probe shafts come in lengths of 39 inches (one meter) long with rugged screw connections. Three probe shafts can be connected for a probe length of nearly 10 feet. The probe shafts are available in two materials – stainless steel for temperatures to 1112°F or Inconel for temperatures to 2192°F.


Ceramic pre-filters can be quickly added for high particulate loading. For extreme temperatures, the Al-oxide ceramic probe can withstand enormous thermal loads to 3272°F.

easyEmission Software

The easyEmission software provides more ways to connect, capture, and display information, from combustion tuning to compliance testing data. easyEmission provides extraordinary data management with capabilities and the ability to import/export data from a number of different formats. This addition to your testing arsenal will effectively increase the versatility and flexibility of the 350. Now you can meet the demands in data management and enjoy the ease and freedom with an intuitive user interface combined with the versatility of Windows-based applications. Contact RJ Mann to learn about the new easyReport™ software.


• Accurate Emission Testing
• Convenient display screens you can customize to match most commonly used functions
• Real-time monitoring window, allowing you to keep working with other programs and keep testing
• Fast, easy downloads from analyzer to computer, eliminating long wait times
• Data transfer to Microsoft Excel or PDF
• Easy-to-read clear tabular and graphical and picture box analysis results
• Integrated custom report generation and compliance templates
• Seamless calculations of maximum, minimum, and average values simplify the reporting process
• User-specific reports and printouts
• Built with customer/location management functions for site management testing

Analyzer Control with easyEmission
• Supports connecting multiple emission analyzers together
• Optimized user-defined measuring intervals
• Wireless-ready with fast real-time measurement via USB or optional Bluetooth
• Advanced settings for user defined fuel factor specification for custom fuels
• Take advantage and save time with simple analyzer configuration with a mouse click

Graph and compare the NOx inlet and outlet to better understand your SCR combustion control systems. When using the testo 350 portable emission analyzer, you have the option to connect multiple analyzers with easyEmission software via USB, or Bluetooth to the control unit or directly from the testo CAN connection. Now see user-defined measurements from each analyzer in real-time or simultaneously as a graph or table.

Testo 350 Kits

testo.350.kitPurchasing pre-configured kits for the new testo 350 is a great way to ensure a technician has everything needed to begin providing accurate measurements from day one. Each kit has everything needed for that specific application. If additional products such as hoses or probes are needed, they can be easily added as kit upgrades.

Engine Kit
Analyzer requirements for emission and combustion analysis can vary based on the different combustion applications. The testo engine kit, coupled with the engine-specific menus in the new testo 350, make the testing experience smooth and easy. For specific information regarding the Kit for Engine Testing (Part no. 400563 3513) download this Sales Bulletin.

Turbine Kit
Turbine-specific menus take the guesswork out of testing. The 350 has both the low range (0.1 ppm) and upper range capability needed for turbine testing. The new testo 350 is built with proven technologies and a simple-to-use interface to make testing more accurate and easier than ever .For specific information regarding the Kit for Turbine Testing (Part no. 400563 3514) download this Sales Bulletin.

Boiler/Burner Kit
The measurements of O2, CO, NO and SO2, combined with automatic calculations (CO2, efficiency, excess air), provide fast tuning solutions. The 350’s compact design is better for working on a platform or small space. The automatic zero pressure measurement is ideal to monitor flow or draft induction. With an optional pitot tube you can quickly measure velocity and determine mass flow even during long term testing. The testo 350 makes reports in lbs/hour easy! For specific information regarding the Kit for Boiler & Burner Testing (Part no. 400563 3512) download this Sales Bulletin.


testo 340 Portable Combustion Analyzer

testo.340Optimizing the combustion process and increasing fuel efficiency are necessary to compete in today’s market. The testo 340 provides you with the information you need to make the best decisions when it comes to combustion analysis. This is the ideal tool to confirm proper set-up and to identify emission problems before they get serious.

The 340 is the ultimate portable tuner with 4-gas flexibility in a rugged, compact handheld design. It has multi-sensor capability equipped to handle extreme concentrations and automatic sensor protections that keep the analyzer working longer. It's designed for simple, fast operation and constructed for demanding daily rugged use.

Testo analyzers are known for their reliability and staying power in the industry. The testo 340 is no exception with its simple to use interface, and durability that can withstand the most rugged field environments. All testo 340's are equipped with easy to read back-lit displays, a user-defined option to see only the parameters that matter, simple function keys to navigate throughout the menu, an information button to display functions and sensor diagnostics, a rubberized shock-resistant housing, integrated magnets for hands-free operation, and a durable transport case.


• Automatic, flow controlled sampling pump
• Infrared printing
• Calibration records with sensor
• easyEmissions: a powerful and efficient software tool
• Integrated pressure sensor
• 18 fuels to choose from, plus 10 user defined fuels (input from easyEmissions)
• Onboard diagnostics
• Internal data logging with on-board logging programs
• Multi-sensor flexibility: Plug n’ play sensor technology lets you change or add sensors for any job
• Longer lasting components resulting in better accuracy and longer sensor life
• New replaceable interference filters increase accuracy and extend sensor lifetime
• Built to measure high concentration with its unique, automatic 5X dilution system

Available Models

Kit #1: 340 Industrial Kit with O2 Plus
Kit includes: O2 sensor, draft & flow, AC power adapter with lithium-ion battery, transport case (this kit only: must add at least one upgrade sensor) (Part no. 400563-3344)

Kit #2: 340 Standard Kit with O2, CO
Kit includes all components in Kit #1 PLUS: CO sensor, standard probe, filters (10 pack), paper (6 rolls) (Part no. 400563-3341)

Kit #3: 340 Burner Kit with O2, CO, NO
Kit includes all components in Kit #1 PLUS: CO sensor, NO sensor, standard probe, IR printer, filters (10 pack), paper (6 rolls) (Part no. 400563-3342)

Kit #4: 340 Engine Kit with O2, CO, NO
Kit includes all components in Kit #1 PLUS: CO sensor, NO sensor, dilution, engine probe, filters (10 pack), paper (6 rolls) (Part no. 400563-3343)


• testo 340 Brochure (pdf)
• testo 340 Instruction Manual (pdf)
• testo 340 Kit Options and Upgrades (pdf)

testo 330-2G LL Combustion Analyzer

testo.330The new 330-2G LL combustion analyzer offers combustion analysis in colorful charts and graphics for faster and easier troubleshooting, set-up and optimization of light industrial and commercial heating systems. With the 330-2G LL you set the parameters and watch real time results on the display in either standard “line” view or graphic view during tuning adjustments. The "LL" stands for Long-Life O2 and CO sensors.


• Measures O2, CO, NO (NOx), CO2 (calc), F/C, Pressure, Efficiency, Excess Air
• Intuitive graphic display
• Simple graphics alert you when combustion parameters are out of range
• Long Life Sensors with over-range protection
• Measure CO up to 30,000 ppm (with standard dilution system)
• Instrument diagnostics and quick leak check at the touch of a button
• On-board memory to 1/2 million readings
• Optional EasyHeat Software for data management
• 20 selectable fuels with 10 user defined fuels
• Calculations: CO2, efficiency, excess air, CO air free
• Differential pressure
• Differential temperature (with optional probes)
• Gas pipe testing: pressure drop, pipe commissioning, and more
• Gas leak with optional probe
• Temperature range: -40°F to 2192°F (-40°C to 1200°C)
• USB connectivity and more

Available Models
Kit #1: 330-2G LL with O2, CO, and more
Kit includes: Analyzer, 12” flue gas probe, Li-Ion recharger with battery, power supply, recharger, particle filters, case. (Note: Bluetooth option. Must be ordered at time of initial order. Cannot be upgraded later.) (Part no. 400563-3372-71)

Kit #2: 330-2G LL with O2, CO, NO, and more
Kit includes all components Kit #1 PLUS: NO (0-3000 ppm, NOx calculated with % NO2 addition, NOx corrected to user-defined O2 reference. (Note: Bluetooth option. Must be ordered at time of initial order. Cannot be upgraded later.) (Part no. 400563-3372)

• testo 330-2G LL Sales Bulletin (pdf)
• testo 330-2G LL Instruction Manual (pdf)
• testo 330-2G LL Kit Options and Upgrades (pdf)

testo 327-1 Flue Gas Analyzer

testo.327The testo 327-1 is your introductory instrument to flue gas analysis. It measures combustion efficiency, °C, °F, O2, CO2, CO and flue draft. The backlit LED four-line display guarantees an easy-to-read display even in low-light conditions. The analyzer has an intuitive menu navigration and durable ergonomic display for long-term comfortable use.


• Intuitive menu navigation
• Four-line segment display
• LED backlit display
• Easy IR printout
• Built-in condensate trap
• Small Li-ion rechargeable battery (1200 mA, 5 hr lifetime) recharges inside or outside instrument
• Fast probe connection using single probe plug
• Ambient CO measurement using flue gas probe
• O2 dual wall measurement (can be stored)
• Separate AT temperature measurement
• Undiluted CO measurement (can be stored)
• Draft measurement
• 8 fuels
• IP 40

The testo 327-1 Kit includes:
• testo 327-1 flue gas analyzer including rechargeable batteries and calibration protocol
testo.327.kit• Power supply/recharger
• Compact flue gas probe
• Fast IR printer
• Thermal printer paper (six rolls)
• Particle filters (pack of 10)
• Standard case
• Order: (Part no. 0563 3203 71)

Available Models

327-1 O2, CO Flue Gas Analyzer
testo 327-1 flue gas analyser, rechargeable battery and calibration protocol included, measures O2, CO, hPa, °F, and °C (Part no. 0632 3201 70)

testo 327-1 CO
testo 327-1 CO flue gas analyser, rechargeable battery and calibration protocol included, measures CO, hPa, °F, and °C (Part no. 0632 3204)

Basic exhaust gas analyzer (O2 / hPa / °F / °C)
testo 327-1 O2 flue gas analyser, rechargeable battery and calibration protocol included, measures O2, hPa, °F, and °C (Part no. 0632 3203 70)


• testo 327 Sales Bulletin (pdf)
• testo 327 Quick Start Guide (pdf)

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